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Introducing an inspiring collection of Father's Day slides and backgrounds for use with digital projectors in church. The Father's Day MiniPak is made up of Backgrounds, Framed Backgrounds, Titled Backgrounds, Designer Sets, Worship Photos, Sermon Outlines and Animated Slide Shows in Jpeg and PowerPoint formats. See ImageVine for Fathers Day Backgrounds

Easter Backgrounds - PowerPoint & Jpeg Backgrounds


Father's Day Jpeg Format
All jpeg images are compatible with PowerPoint, SongShowPlus, MediaShout, Prologue's SundayPlus, EasyWorship, WorshipHim, WorshipBuilder and others. The Father's day mini pak includes, Backgrounds, Framed Backgrounds, Titled Backgrounds and Designer Sets.

Fathers Day backgrounds are provided in Jpeg format and are ideal for creating custom presentations or for simply using as worship photos.Christian Backgrounds - Fathers Day Backgrounds


Framed Backgrounds
Father's Day framed backgrounds are also provided in Jpeg format and are ideal for creating custom presentations or for adding your own titles to. 
Christian Backgrounds - Father's Day Framed Backgrounds


Titled Backgrounds
Titled backgrounds are made up of either scripture verses or announcements. In this Fathers Day Mini Pak are eight quotes honoring Fathers. We have also included some welcome screens.
Christian Backgrounds - Fathers Day Titled Backgrounds


Designer Sets
Designer Sets allow you to create your own customized presentations for Fathers Day while maintaining a consistent look or theme throughout. Designer Sets consist of two variations: a) A set of six backgrounds consisting of cover, frame, sidebar, lower quarter, upper quarter and matte versions, and b) A set of three backgrounds consisting of upper quarter, sidebar and lower corner versions.

Christian Backgrounds - Father's Day Designer Sets

Christian Backgrounds - Fathers Day Designer Sets


Father's Day PowerPoint Format
Many of the images contained in the Father's Day Mini Pak PowerPoint format were built from the Jpeg Backgrounds (see above). In addition to ease of use, the PowerPoint Format contains transitions, worship backgrounds, sermon outlines, announcements and animated files for maximum versatility and ease of use within PowerPoint. For information on how to use some of these PowerPoint files please see Using PowerPoint in
Worship Photos
Worship Photos are photos containing the text "We Welcome You This Morning" or "We Welcome You This Evening" in PowerPoint format as well as the identical image without any text. These are customized Fathers Day worship backgrounds for use in PowerPoint.Christian Backgrounds - Father's Day Worship Photos


Animated Slide Show
This Fathers Day animated slide show can be used before or after a Fathers Day service. The central theme of the ten quotes honors fathers. There is fourteen seconds between each slide and the timing of the PowerPoint slide show can be easily changed. 
Fathers Day PowerPoint Slideshow


Sermon Outlines
These sermon outlines are built from the above Designer sets and feature an easy to modify PowerPoint template allowing you to input any information of your choice and create a custom Fathers Day sermon.

Christian Backgrounds - Fathers Day Sermon Outlines

Christian Backgrounds - Fathers Day Sermon Outline


Purchase the Father's Day Mini Pak, a series of 40 jpeg backgrounds and 34 PowerPoint slides for only $12.97 This collection is 17.5mb in size and is available for immediate download.

Father's Day Mini Pak $12.97


Sermon Illustrators Video Father's Day  A Legacy
All parents leave an emotional legacy with their children. This piece, designed for Father's Day or any teaching on family life, especially challenges fathers to consider what kind of legacy they want to leave behind.
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Father's Day Backgrounds

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