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Church Service Graphics Elements 
(Tiff, Jpeg and Gif formats)

All 16 graphic elements are supplied in three formats: tiff, jpeg and transparent gif. The tiffs are great for PowerPoint as the shadow transparency scales to any size without distortion. Below is a sample of each image supplied in this set with and without the shadow. 

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7.5" x 5.25" at 150dpi (1125x785)
7" x 6.4" at 150dpi (1050x960)
Communion Wine
6" x 4.8" at 150dpi (900x729)
Communion Bread
6" x 4.8" at 150dpi (900x725)
3.75" x 6" at 150dpi (560x900)
5.2" x 6.5" at 150dpi (770x975)
Offering Bag 
6.5" x 4" at 150dpi (975x600)
Praying Hands 
3.6" x 6" at 150dpi (538x900)

Purchase the Church Service Graphics Elements. There are two variations of each of the eight elements for a total of 16 images for only $9.97. This collection is 20.7mb and is available for immediate download.

Church Service Graphics Elements 
Volume One $9.97



As with all images created here at the Christian Backgrounds, images are built at 1024x768, saved in jpeg format and compressed as .zip files. Backgrounds are optimized for use with text or graphics in PowerPoint®, EasyWorship, SongShowPlus or a variety of other programs. The PowerPoint files will work in PowerPoint 97, 2000, 2002 or XP.

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